Testosterone: What Happens To It When We Cross 26?

When we cross 26 years of age, we start to feel age catching upon us. We get tired easily, feel like we don’t get enough sleep, our body starts storing fat and worst part, loss of interest in sex. All this leads to less or no enjoyment in our free time as it is spent either sleeping or slouched in front of television. So, what really changed after we hit 26 years of age? Let us find out more.

After we pass 26, our body starts lowering production of testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone which is produced and regulated by our testicles and a small amount by our adrenal gland. Testosterone is important in defining our masculine features, development of strong muscles and bones, and also regulating our sleep pattern. Testosterone levels also affect our sexual health. Low levels of testosterone result in poor sexual performance and frustration. Low production of testosterone also results in erectile dysfunction which is rampant in America (one in every eight males.) Our body steadily reduces production of testosterone after we cross 26. This leads to poor muscle and bone structure. Muscles get weaker and lose their shape and size. Testosterone is also essential in keeping obesity at bay. Testosterone helps reduce storage of fat and low levels of testosterone fails to do so.

As we age further, adrenal glands stop production of testosterone and testicles also produce very little amount. This stage is called adrenal pause. This is a natural phenomenon and happens to everybody. To tackle this type of situation, Doctors often suggest testosterone therapy. Testosterone therapy includes testosterone boosting supplements and pills. Always choose a natural testosterone booster supplement as they don’t have any side effects.

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