Anabolic Steroids: Boon Or Curse?

Anabolic steroids is one of the most discussed topics in gyms all over the world. Trainer are talking about it, many people swear by their effects and some have advised you against it. You are really confused. What is it? What will happen if you use it? Will you become as buff as any professional body builder can get? Well, the answer is yes. Anabolic steroids have shown tremendous results and are used widely in almost every body-building competitions and some athletic competitions. Although a hand few of professional athletes have been caught doping, it use has hardly stopped. It is very difficult to detect steroids as they remove themselves from blood stream within a week. So should you use it?
Absolutely not. These benefits come with a very hefty price. These side effects include mental, physical and sexual health loss. Anabolic steroid user tend to react violently to a situation. This phenomenon is called roid rage. Although it is not proven scientifically, many steroid users stated this experience. This includes rage attacks, mood swings and frustration. Anabolic steroids are absolutely addictive and cause total dependency for muscle and strength growth.
Anabolic steroids stops production of natural testosterone and body becomes completely dependent upon them for supple of testosterone. When a person stops steroids, he experiences loss of sleep, energy and will to go through daily activities.
Loss of testosterone also results in poor sex drive, poor sexual health and libido. Anabolic steroids are also known for causing gender change.
All these problems can be avoid using natural remedies and testosterone boosting supplements. Regular exercise and diet can help boost testosterone levels. A healthy testosterone boosting supplement can come very handy in a very busy life style.
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